Service Virtualization and API Testing

Cynthia Dunlop

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By Wayne Ariola, Parasoft Chief Strategy Officer It's a great time to be in the business of delivering software. Today, every business needs to leverage software to differentiate its products or services. So, like it or not, every business is in the software business. This theme resonated at the SDLC Acceleration Summit that occurred May 13th in San Francisco. The sold-out event offered the real-world experiences of 18 industry leaders, from analysts to architects, who have been challenged to deliver better software faster. A number of topics seemed to percolate frequently in the interactions among attendees and panelists: How can established companies steer the ship to be more nimble? Faced with regulations, long-established processes, and perhaps more transaction-critical applications, how can larger companies promote change? What are the best practices to overcome tra... (more)

Continuous Testing: Neglected with Continuous Delivery?

A recent article by Alexandra Weber Morales in SD Times begins: In the race to implement continuous-or simply faster-delivery, emphasis on the build-and-deploy side has gotten most of the press, while continuous testing has languished, according to technology analyst Theresa Lanowitz. All too often, the first technologies associated with virtualization are VMware, hypervisors, Microsoft Azure or the cloud. "Part of the problem with service virtualization is that the word ‘virtualization' has a strong attachment to the data center. Everyone knows the economic benefits of server vi... (more)

Rollback as a Quality Strategy: The ‘Pink Slime’ of Continuous Delivery

A recent article by Wayne Ariola in SD Times begins: Not all organizations face the same business risks associated with application failure, and the cost of software quality certainly varies across industries. Remember: The cost of quality isn't the price of creating quality software; it’s the penalty or risk incurred by failing to deliver quality software. Given that, one thing that doesn't vary is the fact that organizations that test in production don't necessarily advertise that they're relegating a large part of their quality process to unsuspecting customers. All too ofte... (more)

Why Software Testers Can't Test

By Noel Wurst, Managing Editor at Skytap (This article was originally published on the Skytap Blog) What do software testers most want to do while at work? What do software testers enjoy the most about their job? What do many testers struggle to find the time for each and every day? What’s absolutely critical to the success of your enterprise? There’s one simple answer to these questions, and it might surprise many non-testers out there. The answer is, “testing software.” It’s what testers signed up to do, it’s their passion, but unfortunately, testers find less and less time each ... (more)

What’s Killing Software Testers on Halloween? By @Parasoft | @CloudExpo

On Halloween day, let's take a quick look at some of the top things that are killing software testers... Accelerated Release Cycles In response to today's demand for speed and "Continuous Everything," the software delivery conveyer belt keeps moving faster and faster.  Considering that software testing has long been a thorn in the side of the software delivery process, it's unreasonable to expect that simply trying to speed up an already-troubled quality process will achieve the desired results. (I Love Lucy fans: Just think of Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory, struggling to ... (more)