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By Wayne Ariola, Parasoft Chief Strategy Officer From the point of view of a developer or tester, the dependent architecture associated with the application they're working on is extremely complex—and only growing more so.  This begs the question: How do you create a test environment in order to validate the features the company wants to release as rapidly as possible? As the just-released voke report on Virtual & Cloud Based Labs outlines, various technologies over the past decade have matured to a point where they can reduce this complexity.  For example, the report highlights: "Virtual or cloud-based labs to enable on-demand access to development and test environments Service virtualization to simulate services, components, or applications regardless of their state of completeness or accessibility Network virtualization to model and simulate networks to assess th... (more)

Static Analysis with DevOps By @Parasoft | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

How Static Analysis Helps You Get Started with DevOps DevOps requires us to move past simply finding bugs with static analysis. We have to be more proactive and reevaluate the analysis techniques used in the SDLC. DevOps is a collection of practices that facilitate the cross-departmental collaboration and communication necessary to help organizations optimize and accelerate their development processes. Its roots can be traced to the rise of iterative development methodologies that required a different way of operating that blends software development, IT, and QA. DevOps carries ... (more)

Why Software Testers Can't Test

By Noel Wurst, Managing Editor at Skytap (This article was originally published on the Skytap Blog) What do software testers most want to do while at work? What do software testers enjoy the most about their job? What do many testers struggle to find the time for each and every day? What’s absolutely critical to the success of your enterprise? There’s one simple answer to these questions, and it might surprise many non-testers out there. The answer is, “testing software.” It’s what testers signed up to do, it’s their passion, but unfortunately, testers find less and less time each ... (more)

[Case Study] API Testing and Service Virtualization Reduce Testing Time 20x

Ignis Asset Management is a global asset management company, headquartered in London, with over $100 billion (USD) in assets under management. Ignis recently embarked on a large project aimed at outsourcing the back office as well as implementing the architecture and applications required to support the outsourcing model. "To meet the business's needs, a number of projects have to be developed and delivered in parallel," explained Aaron Martin, Programme Test Manager at Ignis. "However, we didn't have the resources, budget, and management capacity required to create and maintain... (more)

How to Use and Abuse Autogenerated Unit Tests

By Jason Schadewald, Product Manager at Parasoft   When people think of autogenerated tests, unit tests, or testing in general, they often carry a lot of expectations about the state of the technology and about the value it should have. The following video (recorded at a recent Atlanta Java User's Group event) begins by delving into the details of what modern autogeneration can actually achieve and which unexpected needs it fulfills. The presentation is followed by discussion of how autogeneration and assisted generation needs to evolve to meet the growing needs of developers. ... (more)