Service Virtualization and API Testing

Cynthia Dunlop

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Here are the 10 most-read service virtualization articles from the Parasoft Blog in 2012:   Parasoft Service Virtualization Wins Jolt Award: Service virtualization with Parasoft Virtualize has been recognized as a must-have technology for accelerating testing efforts and eliminating delays in the application delivery lifecycle by Jolt. What is Service Virtualization?: Learn what service virtualization is and how it can provide easy access to constrained components that impede development and testing.   Service Virtualization Maturity Model: Introduces a Service Virtualization Maturity model that sets realistic expectations for how organizations can best apply service virtualization.   Service Virtualization and Stubbing/Mocking: Learn how service virtualization addresses the shortcomings of stubbing and mocking.   10 Reasons to be Thankful for Service Virtualizatio... (more)

Exposing Your APIs = Opening Your Home to Bears?

Exposing an API to your application is as risky as installing a doggie door into your house: you expect your dog to have the convenience of outdoor access, but the reality is that you cut a hole in your house. The intended use is to give the anticipated “users” access to an area that is otherwise private. However, once you open that portal into your sanctuary, there’s no telling who else might take advantage of it. Just as the doggie door can open your home to all sorts of wildlife, so can API exposure open the door to application usage you never anticipated (both innocent misus... (more)

Static Analysis & Development Testing for Embedded Devices

By Jason Schadewald, Product Manager at Parasoft You know those conversations that you have more times than you can count? Well, I recently had one of those at Design West with a very bright software engineer. This poor guy had a number of experiences with static analysis tools that left him with the “compiler warning equivalence” impression. If your static analysis experience is largely with freeware and your training is limited to Internet forums, then I certainly understand how that impression can form. On top of that, he said that the static analysis tools he tried reported ... (more)

Service Virtualization: Freedom to Test When You Want, How You Want

The number and complexity of test environments that need to be accessed for an organization's various projects has become overwhelming. The challenge of providing rapid access to the necessary test environments with the appropriate configurations has recently escalated for a number of reasons: When testing transactions across today's composite applications, it's nearly impossible to avoid interacting with dependent applications that are evolving, unavailable, or difficult to access for testing. Organizations leveraging more iterative or agile development methods have multiple proj... (more)

How Development Testing Improves Software Development Efficiency

By Jason Schadewald, Product Manager at Parasoft Simply put, faster and more accurate Development Testing allows for greater overall process efficiency. Automate Tedious Tasks Streamline Test Management Increase New Hire Effectiveness How Development Testing Automates Tedious Tasks Some software development tasks are menial and repetitive, which are deceptively difficult to perform without errors. These include creating and maintaining unit tests, standards-based peer reviews, following long lists of step-by-step instructions, and reviewing test reports. An automated Development ... (more)